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Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends

Enchanting Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends

Braids elevate any hairstyle from basic to brilliant. Butterfly braids add a whimsical, romantic touch. This intricate plait pattern resembles delicate wings draped across the crown. Leaving the ends softly curled amplifies the ethereal, bohemian vibe. Butterfly braids with curly ends effortlessly blend chic and carefree charm.

While this ‘do looks intricate, it proves surprisingly simple to execute. Butterfly braids interweave two Dutch braids for a woven butterfly effect. Adding soft, tousled waves at the ends completes this dazzling style. Hair length or texture poses no obstacle – curly or straight tresses embrace the butterfly equally well!

Prepping Your Locks

Begin with freshly washed, detangled hair. Cleanse with a moisturizing shampoo and hydrating conditioner. This prep infuses hair with the slip and shine needed for smooth braiding.

Spritz damp strands with a lightweight styling cream or mousse. This supplies the grip and grit for braids to hold their structure securely. However, avoid heavy gels or pomades – they cause stiff and crunchy sections.

Divide hair into two distinct sections for braiding. Use a fine-toothed comb to create a sharp, center part. Ensure both halves hang loosely without kinks or tangles. Mist each section lightly with hairspray for extra hold and control.

Finally, allow hair to dry fully before braiding. Dampness causes slippage and frizz. Use a blow dryer if needed or let hair air dry naturally.

butterfly braids with curly ends

 Mastering the Butterfly Braids

Begin the butterfly braids by creating two matching Dutch braids along each side. This foundational technique fuels the winged overlays created later.

Gather a thin segment from the front hairline. Split into three equal sections. Cross the outer pieces underneath the center strand. Repeat this sequence, incrementally adding more hair into each Dutch braid as you progress.

Keeping the Dutch braids close to the scalp maintains neatness and control. Use a taut, flat motion rather than pulling strands upward. Continue Dutch braiding down several inches on both sides.

Secure the remaining unbraided lengths with clear elastics. Take care not to cinch too tightly – leave some give for the curled ends to bounce freely. Step back and examine evenness, adjusting as needed.

Adding the Butterfly Effect

The true butterfly braid artistry begins now! Leave 2-3 inches unbraided at both elastics. Uncross the right front braid segment and cross it under and through the opposite braid’s opening. Repeat on the left side.

Allow these “winged” segments to drape loosely. Don’t pull taut or anchor them just yet. Instead, assess the overlays and adjust as needed until the butterfly pattern forms perfectly. Secure behind the head with bobby pins once positioned correctly.

Gently tug each braid outward to loosen and pancake the plaits. This fills out the winged overlays with touchable volume and soft texture. Spritz with hairspray to set the butterfly pattern in place.

butterfly braids with curly ends

Effortlessly Curling the Ends

Luscious curls add flirty, free-spirited movement to butterfly braids. To curl those ends beautifully, first divide each remaining loose section into two. This separates the curled pieces from the nape area.

Prepare a 1/2-inch curling wand or iron at low-to-medium heat setting. Higher heat risks damage and creates unruly frizz instead of smooth waves. Take 1-inch segments and wrap each clockwise around the wand’s barrel.

Hold each wrapped section along the wand for 10-15 seconds. Release and allow the curl to spring into place. Swirl all ends in an alternating clockwise/counterclockwise pattern for variation.

Allow curled ends to naturally cool and set before separating. Rake fingers gently through to loosen and tousle waves into a soft, relaxed pattern. Shake sections lightly at the roots to expand volume.

Finish with a workable hairspray or texturizing mist. This boosts hold while maintaining movement. Or, apply a lightweight shine serum for glossy polish. The curls remain breezy while enhancing shine and definition.

Artistic Enhancements

For extra bohemian flair, incorporate effortless hair accessories! Loosely woven ribbons along the crown add soft pops of color. Scattered baby’s breath or floral sprigs cultivate a charming rustic vibe.

For beachy occasions, braid strands of thread or leather through the butterfly pattern. Allow ribbons to dangle freely past the shoulder for laidback boho accents. Hair jewelry, chains, charms and decorative combs provide chic modern detail too.

Play with fishtail or mermaid braid variations as well. Swap the Dutch braids for a fishtail weave spanning each side. Or, transition between French and fishtail patterns for enhanced dimension and texture.

Finally, curled butterfly braids shine on any hair type! Fine, curly, and coily textures look exquisite when framing coils and spiraled patterns. Thicker strands and waves achieve a bold, striking effect.

butterfly braids with curly ends


The Benefits of Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends

Butterfly braids with curly ends offer a unique and stylish twist to the traditional braided hairstyle, providing several advantages for individuals with diverse hair textures and preferences. Active voice and concise sentences are employed to highlight the benefits of this popular braiding technique.

Firstly, the combination of butterfly braids with curly ends presents a versatile and eye-catching appearance, blending the elegance of braided patterns with the playful appeal of curly hair. This style allows for individual expression and creativity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a distinctive and personalized look that stands out.

Moreover, the curly ends add texture and volume to the hairstyle, enhancing its overall visual appeal and creating a dynamic and multidimensional aesthetic. This combination of braids and curls offers a fresh and modern interpretation of a classic hairstyle, making it suitable for various occasions and personal styles.

butterfly braids with curly ends

Flawless and Free-Spirited

Butterfly braids capture the ultimate carefree charm. The free-flowing overlays radiating from each side resemble delicate wings frozen in flight. Adding softly tousled curled ends amplifies the romantic, ethereal vibe.

This whimsical style flatters all features, face shapes and ages beautifully. Its looser movement and dimension flatter square jawlines. The dimensional layers enhance oval and heart-shaped faces. Intricate details flatter mature beauty while soft texture keeps youthful radiance intact.

Best of all, butterfly braids flatter on-the-go schedules too! Once mastered, this plaited masterpiece requires minimal fussing or readjustment. The free-flowing waves and overlays maintain shape while embracing movement. Simply shake out curls and tousle fresh volume as needed.

Embrace the bohemian, free-spirited glamour of butterfly braids with curly ends. The intricate artistry infuses any look with an enchanting, feminine touch. Get ready to turn heads with this showstopping hairstyle!



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