Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs: The Whimsical Protective Style Trend

Butterfly locs present a beautiful, whimsical new way to wear locs. This trendy protective style gets its name from the winged shapes created. Butterfly locs feature curled ends designed to mimic butterfly wings. The result looks striking yet delicate and feminine. Creative stylists bring this nature-inspired look to life. Butterfly locs offer both style and easy maintenance.

The Origins of Butterfly Locs

The exact origins of butterfly locs remain unclear. Some sources credit the look to the Caribbean islands. Others suggest butterfly locs emerged in African American communities. The style first gained mainstream popularity in the early 2010s. Social media fueled the spread of butterfly locs as a major trend. Celebrities like Jhene Aiko sported the winged loc look.

Butterfly Locs


The Beauty of Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs captivate with their unusual designs:

  • Each loc features a curled and looped “wing” at the end
  • Creates the illusion of butterflies resting in the hair
  • Romantic, graceful, and ethereal aesthetic
  • Endlessly customizable through loc colors
  • Add decorations like beads, wraps, or charms
  • Striking contrast to classic straight or palm-rolled locs

The dainty, feminine style delights fans.

Types of Butterfly Loc Formations

Butterfly locs come in various shapes and sizes:

  • Full head styles for maximum impact
  • Accent pieces scattered throughout traditional locs
  • Combination butterfly and straight locs
  • Large statement butterfly locs
  • Small, intricate micro butterfly locs
  • Uniform wings versus varying shapes/sizes

Customizations offer endless creative expression.

Butterfly locs provide a versatile blank canvas:

  • Different curl patterns and loc textures
  • Rainbow colors from vibrant to pastels
  • Distressed or multi-toned ombre effects
  • Accessorized with beads, cuffs, strings
  • Incorporate wraps, braids, or twists
  • Creative designs like hearts or infinity symbols

Talented locticians shape the looks with artistry.

Butterfly Locs

Installing the Butterfly Locs

Butterfly loc get created in stages:

  1. Loc installation or using established locs
  2. Separate locs into sections
  3. Roll, wrap or curl ends into wings
  4. Use tools like rods, straws, rubber bands
  5. Dry and unravel to set wings
  6. Secure wings with beeswax or gel

Complex, intricate styling takes hours.

Key advantages include:

  • Protective style shields ends from damage
  • Locs continue growing underneath
  • Wings reshape easily between appointments
  • Sleep caps keep locs from unraveling
  • Periodic re-torting only needed every 4-6 weeks
  • Long-lasting style with minor touch-ups

Proper technique lasts months.

Butterfly Loc Prerequisites

Certain factors affect whether butterfly locs suit someone:

  • Need adequate loc length to roll/wrap
  • Consider loc density and coarseness
  • Tightly-coiled textures work best
  • Straighter textures may require starting locs
  • Long-term loc wearers preferred
  • Patience for delicate, complex styling

Preparation allows beautiful results.

Customizing shapes creates personal looks:

  • Full round butterflies most common
  • Asymmetric wings for edgier appeal
  • Varied curl/wing sizes in one look
  • Combined shapes like hearts or infinity symbols
  • Accent pieces versus full head butterfly
  • Balancing negative space in designs

Wing shapes have artistic impact.

Butterfly Locs

Popular Celebrity Butterfly Loc

Stars showcase the iconic winged style:

  • Jhene Aiko’s face-framing accent butterflies
  • Rapper Latto’s neon yellow butterfly loc
  • Model Winnie Harlow’s regal uniform wings
  • Singer Normani’s jewel-toned butterflies
  • Actress Lala’s multi-color winged masterpiece
  • Influencer Nakia Renee’s intricate designs

Celebrities flaunt their butterfly loc.

Quick Tips for Upkeep

Keep butterfly loc looking fresh:

  • Wrap styled locs at night with a satin cap
  • Refresh wings with setting foam or light gel
  • Moisturize lengths between appointments
  • Avoid water beyond mid-lengths if possible
  • See loctician regularly for re-torting, shaping

Following a routine preserves the look.

Butterfly Locs as a Fashion Statement

These dainty winged locs infuse style:

  • Romantic, feminine vibes for everyday
  • Edgy, fashion-forward for streetwear
  • Vibrant for festivals and special events
  • Regal, aristocratic aesthetic for formal wear
  • Elegant accent upstyles for weddings
  • Versatility from casual to high fashion

The looks range from whimsical to avant-garde.

DIY Butterfly Locs at Home

With patience, some attempt at-home installs:

  • Practice rolling ends with rollers or pencils
  • Use household tools like drinking straws
  • Start with long, thick loose hair extensions
  • Rely on edge control gels or curl creams
  • Create manageable accent piece sections

Still, professionals achieve best results.

Butterfly Locs for Kids

The adorable winged styles enchant children:

  • Classic little girl looks for birthdays, portraits
  • Whimsical fairy hair for dress-up and playtime
  • Creative self-expression for older girls
  • Easy protective summer style for camp
  • Colorful, fun options boys can rock too
  • Minimizes tangles and shedding

Parents love the long-lasting, low-maintenance style.

Misconceptions About Butterfly Loc

Some myths about the winged style persist:

  • Butterfly loc do not create more shedding
  • Style can last months without re-torting
  • Wearable for swimming and athletics with care
  • Locs continue normal growth underneath
  • Traditional maintenance works best

With proper technique, the style is worry-free.

Butterfly Locs

Celebrities Who Love Butterfly Loc

These famous fans rock the look gorgeously:

  • Ari Lennox paired butterfly loc with winged liner
  • Victoria Monet accessorized with pearls and charms
  • Justine Skye shows off rainbow butterfly pigtails
  • Christina Milian accented butterfly loc with jewel tones
  • Rapper Rubi Rose layers butterfly loc
  • Janet Jackson debuted classic uniform wings

High-profile stars endorse butterfly loc.

The Final Word

Butterfly loc make a chic, charming statement. The intricate styles showcase creativity and skill. Each design looks like a winged masterpiece. Butterfly loc deliver long-lasting, low-maintenance results. They offer protection from damage during locs’ growth cycle. Most importantly, butterfly locs exude fun femininity. These nature-inspired beauties are poised to become a protective style classic.

In conclusion, butterfly locs are a stylish and versatile option for anyone seeking a unique and chic hairstyle. Embracing butterfly loc allows for a trendy and bohemian look that celebrates the beauty of natural hair. The textured and wavy ends of the locs create a whimsical and eye-catching appearance, adding a modern twist to traditional locs.

Customizable in length, color, and thickness, butterfly loc cater to diverse preferences and individual style expressions. This low-maintenance hairstyle is practical for individuals with busy lifestyles, offering a stunning and enduring style.

Overall, butterfly loc provide an opportunity to showcase personal style and embrace the beauty of natural hair while exuding charm and individuality. Whether long or short, the butterfly loc offer a captivating and fashionable option that is sure to make a statement.


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