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The Trendy Long Pixie Cut

What is a Long Pixie Cut?

A long pixie cut offers a stylish blend of feminine and edgy. The cut features closely-cropped hair on the back and sides. The top retains longer length of around 3-4 inches. This versatile look combines a classic pixie’s sharpness with more styling options. Long pixie cuts suit most face shapes and hair textures. They create movement and height while maintaining a chic, low-maintenance aesthetic.Get the latest trends in hairstyling with the long pixie cut, a modern and chic option for a bold transformation.

The Evolution of the Pixie Cut

The iconic pixie cut dates back to the 1920s. Daring stars like Louise Brooks popularized the short, cropped style. The 1950s saw Audrey Hepburn reinvent the gamine look. Her pixie became the standard for sophisticated chic. Over time, the style has seen many variations emerge. Long pixie cuts gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. Today, modern adaptations with disconnected lengths remain an in-demand trend.

Long Pixie Cut

Face Shapes that Flatter Long Pixie Cuts

Long pixie cuts prove universally flattering on most face types:

Heart-Shaped Faces

  • The longer top adds softness to a pointed chin
  • Side-swept fringe downplays width at the forehead

Oval Faces

  • The elongated style creates height and definition
  • Texturing and layers prevent an “egg-shaped” look

Square Faces

  • Tousled, piecey layers relax sharp jawline angles
  • Sweeping bangs lend a soft, face-framing effect

Round Faces

  • Angled lines, heights, and volume create dimension
  • Sideswept layers slim and camouflage fullness

Long pixies feature enough versatility to suit face shapes well. Strategic layers, lengths, and styling make all the difference.

Hair Textures Ideal for Long Pixie Cuts

Long pixie cuts work beautifully with many hair textures:

Fine or Thin Hair

  • The shorter layered cut creates the illusion of density
  • Teasing and root lifting products add much-needed volume

Thick or Coarse Hair

  • Taking weight off the interior reduces bulk
  • Razored ends keep thick hair from appearing blocky

Straight Hair

  • Precise lines and angles provide definition
  • Strategic layering enhances movement and body

Wavy or Curly Hair

  • Choppy layers allow natural wave patterns to blend in
  • Curly bangs frame faces while complementing texture

Choosing the right stylist to work with your hair type is key. Customization to one’s texture optimizes the long pixie cut.

Long Pixie Cut

Styling a Long Pixie Cut

Long pixie cuts offer endless styling versatility:

Piecey and Tousled

  • Work in a pea-sized amount of pomade or clay
  • Blow dry while tousling to create piecey separation
  • Run fingers through for an undone, messy aesthetic

Sleek and Smooth

  • Apply a straightening balm or glossing cream
  • Blow dry with a flat brush to smooth outer layers
  • Set the shape with a quick pass of the flat iron

Spiky and Volumized

  • Apply a lifting tonic or volumizing mousse at roots
  • Blow dry upwards while scrunching hair up
  • Seal in height and separation with a firm hold hairspray

Curled Under

  • Wrap face-framing pieces around a small barrel iron
  • Direct ends under and back to create soft movement
  • Set the shape with a flexible hold hairspray

Style options range from edgy and bold to soft and feminine. The diversity empowers constant refreshing of one’s look.

Styling Products for Long Pixies

Equip your beauty arsenal with these versatile stylers:

  • Volumizing mousse or root lifter
  • Texturizing pomade, wax, or clay
  • Smoothing balms or glossing creams
  • Holding hairsprays in flexible or firm formulas
  • Dry shampoo for refreshing and absorbing oil

Multi-use products enable quick styling changes between looks. Stock up on formulas suited to your hair type.

Long Pixie Cut

Popular Celebrities With Long Pixie Cuts

Many stars rock fashion-forward long pixie cuts:

Katy Perry

  • Her trademark edgy-chic pixie plays up her eyes
  • Added microbangs and bright colors add personality

Ruby Rose

  • She favors a dramatic asymmetrical style
  • Long curvy pieces cascade across the forehead

Cara Delevingne

  • Her low-Key tousled pixie appears effortlessly cool
  • The style spotlights her bone structure

Zoe Kravitz

  • Rocking a soft platinum blonde pixie with fringe
  • The feminine look beautifully frames her features

From funky and daring to effortless and chic, celebs showcase the long pixie’s versatility at its finest.

Tips for Growing Out a Long Pixie

Growing out a long pixie requires strategy to avoid the awkward stage:

  • Ask your stylist to keep internal layers to build weight
  • Invest in curl-enhancing products to blend in new length
  • Use pomades and waxes to control and redirect new growth
  • Headbands and scarves accessorize length in transition
  • Go for a shaggy, rock-inspired mullet look in between

With a little creativity, the grow-out process remains easily manageable.

Maintaining a Long Pixie Cut

Regular trims every 4-6 weeks keep long pixies fresh:

  • Trims clean up perimeters and any overgrown pieces
  • They restore the disconnect between shorter and longer lengths
  • Additional texture can revive the piecey, tousled aesthetic
    -Bangs may require more frequent trimming every 2-3 weeks

Staying on top of shaping and length prevents overgrown, shaggy appearances. It maintains the long pixie’s stylish vibe.

Long Pixie Cut

The Benefits of Long Pixie Cuts

Long pixie cuts present numerous benefits:

  • The versatile cut flatters most face shapes
  • Styling options range from effortless to intricately styled
  • They create movement, height, and dimension
  • Less hair means quicker styling time
  • Lower maintenance than longer hairstyles
  • Regular trims keep hair healthy between cuts

Overall, long pixie cuts offer a fresh, fun, and fashion-forward aesthetic. Yet they remain easy and effortless to upkeep.

The Bottom Line on Long Pixie Cuts

Long pixie cuts deliver chic, modish attitude. They pack dimension and movement into a short, liberating look. These adaptable cuts flatter many face shapes and hair textures. Long pixies provide a perfect balance of sophistication and edginess. With myriad styling options, they satisfy both low-key and high-glam sensibilities. Easy to upkeep and transition, long pixie cuts make a stylish, foolproof hair statement.

In conclusion, the long pixie cut offers a versatile and stylish option for those seeking a shorter hairstyle. With its various styling options, the long pixie cut allows for creativity and personalization, making it suitable for various hair types and face shapes. Whether it’s textured layers, side-swept bangs, or a tapered nape, the long pixie cut offers a modern and low-maintenance hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication.

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